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Pogo Launches Initiative to Promote Healthier Food Choices

Pottawatomie Go (Pogo) has announced the launch of an initiative to promote healthier food choices at area grocery stores and restaurants in Pottawatomie County. 

FireLake Foods has partnered with Pogo as the first local grocery chain to introduce “Powered by Pogo,” which will officially kick off on May 28.

“Powered by Pogo” is a program created to empower consumers to make healthier choices in the grocery aisle. Wherever they see the “Powered by Pogo” icon, shoppers can easily identify nutritious foods that align with dietitian and physician-recommended goals to increase fruit and vegetable consumption as part of a healthy diet. 

“Items highlighted as being ‘Powered by Pogo’ include fresh produce and products that are lower in sodium, sugar, and saturated fats,” stated Andrea Beck, Registered Dietitian from LaserFocus Health and Wellness, who serves as co-chair for Pogo’s Fruit and Veggie UP! Coalition. “Another component of this initiative are complimentary recipes, available in-store at all FireLake locations, to inspire shoppers with creative ways to prepare meals with fresh, wholesome ingredients,” Beck said. 

Sonya McDaniel of OSU Extension-Pottawatomie County, who also co-chairs the coalition, adds, “With a quick glance, shoppers can recognize healthy options and make better informed choices without sacrificing deliciousness.”

Lindsay Goodson, Senior Program Manager and Public Policy Advocate for Pogo, notes that fruit and vegetable consumption is one of Pogo’s five focus areas for achieving and maintaining improved community health. Other focus areas include active lifestyles, mental well-being, social connectedness, and improvements to the community’s built environment.

FireLake Foods will display the “Powered by Pogo” in-store signage as part of the grocer’s commitment to helping customers develop and maintain healthy lifestyles. “FireLake Foods is excited to partner with Pogo and our community by offering our customers a wide selection of fresh produce and other healthy staples that make it easy to create nutritious meals for their families,” commented Nicole Sanchez, Marketing Director for FireLake Foods. “These products can be found at any FireLake location, which means shoppers won’t have to travel far to get them,” Sanchez added.

FireLake Foods locations in Shawnee, Tecumseh and McLoud will promote the “Powered by Pogo” program, beginning with a ribbon cutting event (free and open to the public) at 9:00 am on Tuesday, May 28 at the Shawnee location, 1570 S. Gordon Cooper Drive.


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